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Who is Christine Harrington and why should we listen to her?

Christine, a recent arrival to Toronto, was introduced as a 'medical intuitive and healer' - terminology, I later learned, that she doesn't really relate to. I was relieved that the words: wisdom, goddess, luminary, ashram, reverend, lotus, angelic, powerful, ancient, oracle, crystal, manifest, etc. did not appear in the introduction. We were going to get along just fine.

Christine considers herself a ‘spark plug’ rather than a healer. She doesn't try to impress with pseudo-academic initials after her name. Her past lives seem to have been rather humble. She doesn’t profess to be a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Joan of Arc or Cleopatra. She doesn’t claim to be channelling an obscure entity or group of entities - in fact she doesn't channel at all. She doesn’t have a guru, hasn’t been to India, nor has she apprenticed with a shaman. I’m not even sure she meditates, but I know for sure she talks to God and I know she prays.

She stands there dressed in black - not a purple, orange or white garment in sight. No crystals. gemstones, beads, bones nor feathers hang around her neck. No smudge, sage, candles, incense, or vibhuti No chanting, no drums, rattles, bells or bowls. No subliminal suggestions. No sales pitch. No multi level marketing. No essential oils with the overpowering smell of greed. No entourage. It 's just Christine and God. And love. And truth, simply told.

In Christine's words:

" My specialty is consciousness and the matter that it occupies. I 'see' energy, I 'see' blockages to it and I am able to translate its story to others as I bring God's energy through to heal it. I am able to help people understand their own role in this and that we can all heal via our own connection with God. The focus of my work is empowering people to understand that we can all heal and I share this knowledge freely. We are all limitless, eternal beings – what does that mean? How do we understand it and heal ourselves and our world?"

Christine has ‘lived’ her homework. She has the ability to ‘see’ right through people - sort of like a human MRI. Sort of like what you see at the 'Body Worlds' anatomy exhibits of plasticized bodies - and then some.

We share an interest in the human brain - I, as an antipsychiatry activist, and she as someone who 'just loves' brains. Why are so many kids on psychiatric drugs? Why are so many adults depressed? diagnosed with dementias? I asked about a child who took her own life. Christine held the photo of the pre-teen and said: "There is a space in this girl's energy field that intersects with her forehead, her frontal lobes. This is the kind of trauma caused by drugs. She would not have been able to link consequences and her emotions, which would also have been very negatively affected. Prior to this, this little girl was joyful - she was just what they call a kinetic learner which means she had to learn through movement and "hands on" learning. She should never have been given meds (to help her concentrate in school.)"

Christine remains free of an affliction frequently found in 'alternative' practitioners: 'dollar signs in the eyes disease.' She understands that people, especially those with health problems, cannot afford expensive treatments, supplements and remedies. She also points out that they are seldom necessary. She gets directly to the root cause. And, she gets results. Her basic tool kit contains common sense, water, sea salt, omega 3s, zinc, coconut water, and calcium and magnesium.

Christine is a myth slayer and has no use for all the rituals which have become associated with healing - after all, this is the 21st century. At the same time she does not belittle anyone for doing what they think they need to do in their efforts to connect with God, or to be healed, or to be healers.

Christine lives modestly, unencumbered by material goods; drives a pick-up truck, usually wears a little black dress and flip-flops in the summer and Harley Davidson boots in the winter. She does own a drum and plays bass guitar.

What I have learned about being a healer: Love is the true power of the universe: is your intent and action loving? Are you connecting to God when you take action? I feel liberated. Christine is a great teacher and she's also great fun to be with. And I still refer to her as the human MRI.

But, no, it is not okay to call her an intuitive healer because, as she says, “You are the healer. You and God. I just get to be the sparkplug and the translator for that, as you grow to understand it yourself – and I love this!”

You can learn more about Christine Harrington from her website and on youtube at thetimeoflove1.

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